Cash Management System

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Before we dive through the details of what Eezib provides, here is a little information about, what are Cash Management Services. In simple terms” Management of cash inflow and outflow is one of the necessities that one needs to do on good terms. These hold prominent value for both individuals and companies. The basic criterion is to look for financial stability for companies and for individuals. It aims at providing helpful cash management in the system.”

Benefits of Cash Management Services

• Provides a better overview of the cash within a working system.

• Provides an organized manner for the cash system.

• Works to release individuals/organisations from the tension of managing cash manually.

• Helps with cash expenditure management

Eezib’s Cash Management Services

1. Cash Planning

Planning when it comes to cash or any activity is one of the best ways to attain the foremost requirement. With cash planning, we can work on better policies. Policies, that help with better planning and organising of cash.

You get to aim for better cash management and thus you will be able to save and watch your money bring better rewards for you, in due time.

2. Cash Flow Management

Cash flow is the sum of supervising both the inflow and outflow of cash. To be able to have a better cash flow system we work on minimising the cash inflow while bringing the cash outflow to a reduction.

We not only take the cash stress off your shoulders but we also work on providing you with a better flow of your cash. You don't need to carry the whole lump sum amount of cash to and from your house. Because we make sure that our Eezib cash point services are ready for you!

3. Leverage the vast network

Be carefree when it is to locations. Think of as many locations as you can and our CMS services would be there, right by your side. So, if in case you are thinking to expand the regions under your business or services, you will find our unit by your side.

With our service units present at many locations, we provide trust, loyalty and a superior service experience to our customers.

4. No hassle Cash Management

As you brainstorm to make your business expand and grow, we provide you with complete leisure from the cash management side.

How you can be benefited with Eezib Cash Management System:

Access to cash flow data more quickly

Transparency is one of the most important aspects of cash management. Streamlined and automated processes allow businesses to access cash more quickly. Advanced cash management software enables real-time access to report data and account information. This visibility can help businesses make better decisions and manage and scale their operations more efficiently.

Managing idle cash

Cash balance visibility becomes a crucial driver for reducing idle cash. Leaving funds in a local account diminishes returns and prevents the cash from being actively available to the organization. This limits the optimal use of available liquidity and raises credit line use. Cash Management Cloud helps to track surplus/idle cash for treasurers to utilize idle cash for growth-related purposes or investments.

Calculating the Optimal Cash Balance

Companies must maintain an optimal cash balance to meet their day-to-day responsibilities. Cash management solution helps to track cash balances in various bank accounts, intercompany accounts, currencies, nations, and entities and automatically uploads regular bank reports for overall cash visibility and faster reconciliation.

Monitoring cash inflows and outflows efficiently

Companies need to monitor cash flows regularly to reduce financial stress and increase financial security. Cash management software helps identify the regions and times when a cash deficit is possible. This allows the treasury to plan ahead of time by coordinating with various departments and avoid making reactive decisions that lead to overborrowing or penalties.

Improved cash flow risk management

Controlling liquidity risks and engaging with cash and liquidity management are part of cash flow risk management. Businesses that have insufficient cash can face severe shortages. Automatic reconciliation with cash management software detects errors or fraud in transactions or payments for mitigating various treasury risks.

Providing you with on-time cash dispense and deposition is one of our ways to help you remain stress-free. Thus, bridging the gap between efficient performance and an organisation’s safety.

If you Looking for safe transit of your cash? Or willing to take care of your business with someone who helps you with the accounting part of the business?

Count on the Eezib cash Management Service team!

HOW CAN YOU GRAB Eezib Cash Management Service

You can apply for Eezib Cash Management Service through E-Mail at or call us at: + 91 - 9782009070

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